Nanxing Equipment Australia is now Arborwood Machinery

Nanxing Equipment Australia is now Arborwood Machinery

Recently, we've been working on a really exciting change.
From July 2020, Nanxing Equipment Australia is changing its name to Arborwood Machinery.

As our business continues to grow, we wanted to draw on the symbolism of that growth in our new business name.

Arbor in Latin means tree, which represents growth and life. 

Arbor in English means a shaded sitting area usually surrounded by vegetation, which illustrates our approachable, friendly, family-owned way of business.

We have so many great, up and coming products and plans for the future. Be rest assured that you will still be met with our high quality support and service.

As always, our mission is to provide Australian cabinet-makers, caravan-shapers and backyard enthusiasts with affordable, high-quality woodworking machinery and service.