Nanxing NB4J - Automatic Edgebander 16-24m/min (Touch-screen)

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Automatic quickly changeover Fine Trimmer and Scraping between 2 kind of different thickness Edge Banding

Edge Feeding -- Gluing -- Snipping -- End Trimming -- Fine Trimming -- Scraping -- Buffing

1. Touch screen - The operation interface is intuitive and simple.
2. Pressure beam - Aluminum pressure beam provides high precision and excellent stiffness. The up and down of the beam is electric controlled for accurate positioning.
3. Glue pot - Teflon coated glue pot, designed for EVA hot-melt glue.
4. Pressure rollers - One pre-pressure roller and four post rollers to press edge tape on work piece firmly.
5. End trimming unit - The end trimming is quick and precise due to the linear rail and high speed motors.
—— 2×0.37 kW motors;
—— Rotating speed: 12000 rpm
6. Fine trimming unit - Equipped with radius cutters, cutter position is adjustable with reading on numerical indicators
—— 2×0.5 kW motors;
—— Rotating speed: 12000 rpm
7. Scraping unit - To scrap the edge by R2 cutters
8. Buffing unit - To polish the top and bottom edge
9. Electric - Most of electric components of the machine are international brands for high quality and generality.

Technical data:
Min. panel length: not less than 120 mm
Min. panel width: not less than 40 mm
Panel thickness: 10-60 mm
Edge tape width: 15-65 mm
Edge tape thickness: 0.4-3 mm
Feeding speed: 16/20/24 m/min
Frequency: 200 Hz
Required air pressure: 0.7 MPa
Total power: 12.2 KW
Net weight: 1800 kg
Overall dimensions: 5500×1450×1650 mm