Co-Matic BR500 - Portable Edgebander

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Currently out of stock, please contact us to pre-order: For an excellent alternative at the same price, please see our Aaron MY-60 Portable Edgebander

The BR500 Portable Edgebander is Co-Matic's digital control version edgebander model. Built to suit the needs of both professionals and hobbyists, the BR500 is perfect for on-site work or integration into your woodworking shop.

Rubber Grips and Metal Support Plate

Two rubber grips allow for precise control, while a metal support plate designed to rest on the workpiece allow for strain-free use.

Easy On/Off Switch

The feeder on/off switch is located on top of the primary handle, allowing for immediate control of the tool’s operation.

Adjustable Glue Pot Handle

The glue pot handle has two positions in case of work piece interference.

Tape Insert Guide

A measured guide in increments of 1mm determines the width of the edgeband or edging tape and secures it in place for a regulated feed.

Consistent Glue Application

A knob allows for on-the-fly regulation of glue amount for a mess-free, consistent result.

Digital Temperature Monitor

A digital temperature monitor provides accurate control over glue application. Temperature ranges are 120°C – 200°C ±1°C (250°F – 390°F ±34°F)