Is Edge Banding Durable?

Is Edge Banding Durable?

If you have noticed the making of furniture, you might possibly have noticed that the wooden boards have a raw edge when it is being cut. This uncovered raw edge can cause serious problems for the furniture, when left uncovered. Apart from offering unsightly looks, raw edges can also scratch the skin when someone bumps into them. Also, these edges absorb moisture, which makes the wood lumpy and go out of shape. Placing Wood edge banding on the ends of raw wood boards helps avoid these issues.

Is Edge Banding Worth It?

Edge banding is the cosmetic surgery performed by the edge trimming machine on the raw edges of the wood, to bring attractive finishes to wood projects. When it comes to construction projects which involve setting up cabinets or shelves, it becomes imperative to gain that seamless look which a wood or plywood edge banding offers. A perfectly ending wood, offers a professional appearance.

Spending time over sanding and staining processes, consumes a lot of time, and it only gives out an incomplete plywood edge that would spoil the aesthetics of the wood project. Some people attempt to make their own edge banding, but it is essential to understand that a commercially made banding with the edge trimming machine, is easier to work with and better looking than the self-made bands used to skin the raw edges.

No clamping is required in the commercial edge banding, and it can be hardly noticed when considering the thick wood strips which are apparent. Moreover, it is durable and will last longer if used correctly. The task of edge banding might seem to be challenging, but after getting through the process, they become a very easy to follow process, and the completed project gives you a sense of satisfaction and pride. Edge banding is available in various materials, sizes and colours, including wood, plastics and metals which can be applied even to the curved raw edges.

Is It Okay To Remove Old Edge Band And Fix A New One?

Yes, it is completely okay to remove the old edge band using heat while seeping a small knife from the corner and start taking off the edge band material. After removing the edge band, the rough areas should be smoothened out from the wood material. The wood material can then be cleaned up, and a new edge band can be reapplied to gain a rejuvenated look.

Which Edge Bands Are Better?

There are is a wide variety of edge bands from plywood edge banding to wood edge banding accessible in the market, but the best choice is subject to the type of your furniture’s material.